Your Body Can Change Your Mind

This Ted Talk by scientist Amy Cuddy addresses how certain ways of holding yourself can affect how you think and feel about yourself…and how others perceive you. Check this out. Spending just a few minutes standing in the Wonder Woman/Super Man pose, or other “power poses” can make a huge difference. Stand with your feet…

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September 23, 2014


Imagine this scenario: you want to move forward in your life. In fact, you’re starting to realize that there is no way but forward, and you’re excited for how you’ll feel more fulfilled and content once you make some changes. But you find yourself making excuses for taking steps towards that better life. You keep…

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July 6, 2014

Some Thoughts on Parents, Part 1

How do you feel towards your parents? Are you an adult, yet still feel negatively affected by difficult experiences in your family of origin? Here’s a poem to get the conversation started. Dr. Kathianne Lewis of Center for Spiritual Living Seattle wrote it as a complement to Khalil Gibran’s poem on children in The Prophet….

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June 14, 2014